Video Starter Pack

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What Stops People From Starting Video

Let me help you break down and answer the most common questions you need to get answered to start making more videos:

  • “What do I need, or not need to get started?”
  • "Do I need a DSLR?"
  • "I don't know lighting"
  • “Do I need a mic?”
  • “Should I get a ring light?”
  • "I'm not sure how to make myself look good"
  • "I don't know a setup that looks professional"

And don’t worry, these are completely normal.

I’ve been there.

I bought my first camera lights in 2016, and didn’t use them until.. 2020. 

I wasn’t sure of how to use that piece of equipment, or if I should get a camera, or if I need a mic, or how to frame myself. 

After trying again and again, and not being happy with how it looked, I finally cracked it.

That setup and start helped me go from 200 to 11,000+ on TikTok in 4 months.

My goal in Video Starter Pack is to help you get started, by what I know about equipment, setups, and looking good. 

I wasted too much time trying to figure it out, and I don’t want you to go years trying to figure this out.

What’s in Video Starter Pack:

#1 Five Principles of Looking Good on Camera

  • Using natural or artificial light to make yourself look good
  • Centering your face to make yourself stand out
  • Making your videos a conversation so that it’s not boring
  • Using Timelapses to get comfortable on camera
  • Why it’s 100% okay to use filters for aesthetics 

#2 Equipment List to get started

  • What’s required vs recommended vs optional
  • The exact product I have (stands, camera, mics)
  • Minimalist setup for using your phone
  • Minimalist setup for using a DSLR
  • Maximalist setup for using your phone
  • Maximalist setup for using a DSLR

#3 Camera Setups for all types

  • Tips for Recording
  • Recording while holding a small tripod in your hand
  • Recording while holding camera in your hand - landscape
  • Recording while holding phone in your hand - vertical (Potrait)
  • Recording while setting up a large tripod on the ground
  • Recording while setting up a small tripod on your desk

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don't need the $$, I need this to be helpful to you. If you buy, and it is not helpful to you, please ask for a refund. We'll send it asap.

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List and breakdown of how to look good on camera, multiple starting equipment lists, and video breakdowns of different camera setups.

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Video Starter Pack

0 ratings